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*see the games page for most projects created specifically for school.

this is a list of personal projects i've done almost entirely by-hand.

work on the text-to-speech wiki

i'm the main admin on the TTS wiki-- a database documenting a niche special interest of mine, the world of text-to-speech videos. armed with text-to-speech programs and a whole slew of voices, we are a group of people who make voices like microsoft sam read and do whatever we like. these, however, are projects i've done for the wiki.

project description image
Page in a Box part of the starter kit i created for the wiki, these templates create entire pages from just a few variables.
some of the coding behind the character page in a box.
The TTS Videomaker's Starter Kit my first real "big" project for the tts wiki, the starter kit provides a quick rundown of what the community is all about, as well as links to the most common tts programs and voices.
the start of the starter kit's page.